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Does thinking about a tone scheme for your remodel swimming pool project make your head spin? You’re not alone. Coordinating multiple colors throughout a backyard or room is a talent, and some of us prefer managing something that’s a little more simple, while some of us like complicated. For this blog, we are going to showing you that iridescent rainbow tones can be just as exciting, bold, and appealing as tile with attractive colors and special ripple surface designs. Here are 14+ different styles of iridescent ripple glass pool tiles for your choice:

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Featured Product: Colored glass mosaic with wave surface dark blue blend GZOF1603

Cobalt blue, azure blue, light blue... We all love this blue blend color iridescent glass tiles. Lovely honeycomb pool tile is a combination of clear and transparent glass. Wave patterns will create unique space for your renovation projects. What’s more, It’s mesh mounted on a fiberglass sheet for an easy and simple installation. Enhance the look of your interiors and exteriors.

Cool to touch this new thing! Classic hexagon shape mix new ripple surface design and transparent glass bring the stunning visual effects and they will shimmer the sunlight or light thru the iridescent glass colors. Perfect for wet and dry applications, such as swimming pool waterline decor, shower walls, or featured walls.

light blue iridescent glass tile

Featured Product: Colored glass mosaic with wave surface light blue blend GZOF1602

The awesome and creative tile surface technique is so characteristic, your shower wall project will shine no matter what color you choose! Rather than using the heavy and outdated porcelain wall tiles, simply let your tile installation end with the vivid ripple finish and honeycomb shape of the tile. This flowing look has been a huge hit with our designers, adding instant style and movement to any space. To accomplish this space, simply let the whole space blue tones!

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shower tile use glass iridescent tile

Love this rainbow effect glass tiles? These mosaics can be used on shower walls anywhere, bathrooms, and accent walls. They are ideal to add a touch of contemporary decor to your swimming pool design. It’s highly recommended that decor your waterline with pebble shape glass tile. The iridescent tones add a wonderful, glossy shimmer as well and also feature a ripple finish.

iridescent tile backsplash with pebble shape

Featured Product: Colored glass mosaic with wave surface irregular blue blend GZOF1604

Get lost in this cobalt blue iridescent ripple surface right now! Transparent glass tile penny round is face-mounted on a 12x12 clear tape sheet for a simple installation. Each individual tile chip is 8.5mm thick, and the diameter is 25mm. Iridescent glass tiles reflect the sunlight and create a focal point, bringing a wonderful and perfect design aesthetic.

cobalt blue penny round iridescent tile

Featured Product: Colored glass mosaic with wave surface cobalt blue GZOF1605

Oval iridescent glass tile catches your eyes for the first time. Along with the visual features, this oval cobalt blue pool tile possesses toughness, which is also an important attribute in determining swimming pool style. It has very low water absorption averting the glass tile from breakdown and decreasing the excellent look, along with functional characteristics.

oval iridescent glass tile

Featured Product: Colored glass mosaic with wave surface cobalt blue GZOF1606

Subway iridescent glass tile ripple blue blend 1x2 for the swimming pool, spa, bathroom, water fountain, waterline, shower walls, etc. This mosaic tile is made of clear, transparent, and rainbow iridescent glass tiles that are stained in their liquid form and then baked in a kiln. The back-meshed design, the texturized wavy glossy finish that resembles the ocean ripples, mix blue colors.

iridescent pool tiles australia

Featured Product: Colored glass mosaic with wave surface cobalt blue GZOF1609

 A special ripple surface leaves a deep impression on you. Its wavy glossy surface and iridescent tone blue blend color pool tile is able to withstand hydrostatic pressure of any pool size, bringing both durability and protection. Moreover, its glass exterior successfully keeps microbes and other microorganisms away from the pool, thus meeting sanitary and also hygiene needs. Along with its functional features, this pool glass tile is noticeable for the fashionable design emphasized by the shimmer color combination.

Featured Product: Iridescent random pattern glass mosaic iridescence blue blend GZOF1001

Your bathtub is an escape from the daily stresses, a moment to close your tired eyes and breathe, taking in the sanctuary you so carefully crafted for yourself. Therefore, why not give your private bathtub its due treatment? Exterior bathtub tilling is a particularity eye-catching aesthetic touch in the stylish bathroom, a signifier of one’s individual taste and penchant for fine detail. From ripple finish to brightly iridescent colored glass tile, the bathtub tile inspirations are all but endless. Just like the below design show:

iridescent pool glass tile

When iridescent tiles have a shiny glow and glints of sparkle that can fancy up any room, the look and feel can vary depending on the tone you choose and the time of day, as the time of day, as light within your space changes. This iridescent glass tile is going to play off the colors surrounding it, so if you prefer this colorful tile, it’s advice that you choosing the pure color furniture and fittings.

glossy clear mix color glass mosaic tile for pool

Featured Product: Iridescent random pattern glass mosaic iridescence pebble GZOF1002

This light blue color glass tile illustrates the great creative features of bubble shape including its irregular design or glossy look of its surface. Its geometric style is a unique and individualized approach to making mosaic installations in different spaces, which will never out of style.

waterline pool glass tile

Featured Product: Iridescent random pattern glass mosaic blue blend pebble GZOF1003

Renovate or build your swimming pool project, bathroom, or water fountain with the mixed color bubble shape glass tile. Its transparent glass chip and glossy finish reflect the light and create a focal point, bringing an unexceptionable design aesthetic.

blue tone bubble shape glass tile

Featured Product: Iridescent random pattern glass mosaic blue blend pebble GZOF1004

This iridescent glass red-pink color penny round tiles draw your attention both for their extraordinary pattern and adaptable use. It presents an impressive visual aesthetic effect giving the spaces a far more stunning feel. The outstanding optical illusion makes an exclusive appeal in any environment, incorporating some exquisite natural components into modern spaces. Ripple patterns and transparent iridescent glass chips incorporated in the design of these glossy rainbow pieces are enticing in their balance. With the correctly selected shapes of penny round tile, the decoration of swimming pools is going to become a true masterpiece, and your unmatched taste of style and great interest will certainly be recognized.

penny round iridescent tile

Featured Product: Iridescent random pattern glass mosaic iridescence red blend GZOF1401

swimming pool iridescent glass mosaic 

Choosing the most favorite shape and palette for your future project!

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