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At coastal suburb of the Philippines, NSF3 TRADING COMPANY has recently completed its hotel resort pool construction project. After finishing the pool mosaic, Nicanor Follosco III, as an employee, excited contact us that he is satisfied with the overall paving effectiveness and it’s beyond his expectations.

And to be honest, bring the pool design, Nicanor Follosco III had searching for a long time to find the suitable swimming pool tiles as well as inquiring for many swimming pool tiles manufacturers. For all this, he still hadn’t met the appropriate mosaic until he saw our catalog. Nicanor Follosco III shows great interested in our Fambe Collection, which displays various colors of each mosaic chip. With the anti-slip and super-gloss surface, it forms a harmonious texture. Each chip is carefully selected by hand so each of them is high-end quality.

2-inch crystal glazed porcelain mosaic

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In this project, he mainly uses these three types of 2’’ porcelain mosaic to pave the pool, which all have fambe crystal glazed surface, high durability, and hugely versatile, eco-friendly and good performance.

paving the premium swimming pool tiles

This main swimming pool is delicately integrated into the seaside landscape, melting itself into the green grass and the coconut palms. What’s more, it opens up towards the whole view of the sea, which gives a marvelous place to embrace the light of sunrise and enjoy the afterglow of sunset.

a hotle pool with ceramic pool tile

This project intends to create a cozy space that exists in complete harmony with nature

According to Nicanor Follosco III, the construction of the swimming has been completed at present, and the next step, he begins renovating the surrounding environment of the pool in order to create an exotic swimming pool to visitors, which make them have the feeling to get rid of day-to-day tedious work and enjoy themselves in the surroundings of tropical seashore scene.

this construction tiles provided by the professional swimming pool tile suppliers

This unique shape of the pool is inspired by fish, the main pool with three Jacuzzis which just like some coming out bubbles from a bluefish.

He is well aware of the importance of giving an attractive environment that will leave a lifelong impression in the imaginations of visitors. Therefore, we having great interesting in hearing his good news about completing the construction of the hotel.

beautiful resort fish-shaped swimming pool use delicate tiles

The color of the pool is paired well with the clear blue sky and the soft white clouds, which benefits from his choice of the premium porcelain ceramic pool tile.

mosaic tiles used in the fishtail-shaped pool

Since it said that the pool is designed following the shape of fish, it certainly has the tail. On the other side, glinting in the sunlight, the fishtail-shaped swimming pool filled with clean water and the pool tiles are clearly visible.

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