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When it comes to purchasing mosaic tiles for your swimming pools, it is a hard nut to crack for most people, for there are tons of different materials, shapes, colors and styles to choose from. All of these swimming pool tiles look beautiful, and which one is the best for your pool?Glass tile must be one of the most widely used material in many pools, and we would recommend you to use glass mosaic tiles because this wont be a wrong decision.

Why choose glass mosaic tile for swimming pool? Glass mosaic tile is getting more and more popular for pool projects in recent years. This product is made of recycled glass materials, it is high quality and eco-friendly, it works beautiful with the transparent nature of water. Thats for a very good reason.

Today we are going to introduce our most popular glass mosaic tile for pool for you, that is 4mm thickness crystal glass mosaic, featuring 25x25mm, 48x48mm chip size, regular square shapes, classic blue and blue mixed colors. Read on to get more details about our products and see how they make a pool sparkle!

 25x25mm mixed blue crystal glass mosaic tiles BGI003F2.jpg

Featured product: 25x25mm mixed blue crystal glass mosaic tiles BGI003F2

25x25mm mixed blue crystal glass mosaic tiles BGI003F2 for seaside hotel pool project.jpg

This 1”x1” square crystal glass mosaic tile is a mix of 4 colors including dark blue, sky blue, light blue and white, the crystal glossy glazed finish is easy to clean and looks so beautiful under the water. It creates a modern seaside swimming pool you want to relax, the all-tiled pool looks mesmerizing, and helps to level up the whole hotel style. The small square mosaic format makes the pool classic and style remains, if you want more mosaic tile options for classic pool style, head to this post: Introducing Some Tiles Mosaic For Pools Classic And Style Remains >>


 4mm pure blue crystal 1x1 glass mosaic tile BGI601F2.jpg

Featured product: 4mm pure blue crystal 1x1 glass mosaic tile BGI601F2

4mm pure blue crystal 1x1 glass mosaic tile BGI601F2 for pool house project.jpg

This pure sky blue crystal glass mosaic tile is a charming tone for any pool space, if you want to choose clear crystal glass mosaic tiles for swimming pool, this pure blue tone is a good pick. If you are planning to resurface your backyard pool, try to use this glass pool tile pattern. Good example as above, the pool house in blue-white tone goes a Mediterranean and vacation style, it is so pleasing and relaxing, you can enjoy your spare time with your family or hold a pool party with your friends, that would be very enjoyable. It is never wrong to have a pool in your house, you would like know: A Pool’s Benefits: Why It’s Awesome to Have One Swimming Pool In House? >>


48x48mm blue mixed crystal glass tile for inground pool BGK002F2.jpg

Featured product: 48x48mm blue mixed crystal glass tile for inground pool BGK002F2

48x48mm blue mixed crystal glass tile for modern inground pool BGK002F2.jpg

The 2”x2” crystal glass pool tile is a blend of 3 different blue shades, comes in popular 48x48mm mosaic chip size. If your swimming pool has limited space, this item is highly recommended to add dimensions to pool space. Example as above, the common rectangle shaped inground pool stands out with the blue mixed mosaic pattern, which add features to the pool bottom, the pool size doesn’t matter. While if you are going to start a small pool renovation, the post will give you inspiration: 8 Small Swimming Pool Designs for You to Catch the Trend >>


2x2 pure blue crystal glass tile for infinity edge pool BGK601F2.jpg

Featured product: 2x2 pure blue crystal glass tile for infinity edge pool BGK601F2

2x2 pure blue crystal glass tile for infinity edge pool BGK601F2 (2).jpg

The infinity pool above is stunning installed with this 48x48mm square pure blue crystal glass mosaic tile, the blue pattern paired with the pool design structures a pool paradise for you, creating a sea-like space for enjoyable swimming time. It is a great investment for this resort hotel, and each visitor will be impressed! Tile means a lot for a successful hotel pool, you would like to read: An Amazing Resort Hotel Swimming Pool Takes Shape in Crackle Mosaics >>

If you want to find professional crystal glass mosaic tiles suppliers, we are here to serve you with wide range of colors and patterns, you can finally find the right one for your pool project.

Glass mosaic tiles are the most widespread mosaic tiles widely used in both residential and commercial swimming pool projects, if you are finding glass mosaic pool tile wholesale from China, Bluwhale Tile would be your great partner, we provide premium glass pool tile as well as ceramic pool tile, FINA pool tile, pool art mosaic murals, pool decking tile, outdoor furniture and other pool accessories to help your complete your projects in a more convenient and cost-effective way. Contact us now for best quote if you are interested in our products!

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